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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

 For those who need help with selecting the best paint colour combinations or  creating a dream look without the hassle, we recommend our in home colour consultation service.  We provide colour solutions for client goals! 

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the process, we make choosing interior and exterior colour, stress free.  

Most of our colour consultations are completed in one hour and we will  follow-up with your own customised  colour chart for your reference.


Price: $100 for one hour 

The Process:


1. Your consultation will begin with a pre-appointment questionnaire by phone, so we can find out a little about your project. At this stage, any pictures or videos of the space would be helpful.


2. During your appointment, your consultant will continue to talk to you about the look you are hoping to achieve.

The aim  is to assist you in selecting the best colour and to take into consideration the light that illuminates the room, any architectural features and how the space is used.

We will go through several colour options and finalise the colours by the end of the appointment.  

3. Following your consultation, we will send  a specification listing of  the chosen colours and paint finishes of your scheme.

4. If a painter or contractor  is creating your beautiful new look, we will be happy to share a copy of your specification with them before your project begins.

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