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A structure is not complete without the finishing touches.

This stage of building can be very overwhelming, it is also the stage where a space comes alive and develops its own personality. It is one of the most important stages when building a home or structure.

 Finishing focuses on newly built homes or buildings that need to be completed.

Finishes include the type of ceiling a person may choose, the type of wall finishes, the type of floor finishes and everything in between.

Price: To be determined after  consultation

The Process:

1) During the initial consultation we will be able to determine what you are looking for based on the information provided

2) We will look around for different finishes and create a mood board presentation that will give you an idea of how all the finishes will look together.

3) We will present different options if necessary and provide the cost of the different finishes

4) We will work with a contractor of your choice by guiding the design or we can install the finishes for you.

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