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Updated: May 4, 2018

Hi there!

If you have a new interior design project, or you just want to give a room a makeover, the best place to start is at the beginning of the design process, this is with inspiration! This is important! Before you begin any project, you need to figure out what floats your boat. The more inspired you feel, the better the outcome. This process should be imaginative, fun and stress free. The good news is, you can get inspiration from anywhere or anything! However, I wanted to share some of the easiest ways to get inspired. so sit back and relax and let me share some of the most effective ways to get your creative juices flowing.

The 3 Most effective ways to get design inspiration


When it comes to interior design, most people are visual, they need to see a picture of a space to get an idea of what they like. Hence, the use of media is one of the surest ways to get inspired. Magazines, apps, TV, internet and social media are the way to go! We live in an age where information and images are at our fingertips, so if you’re unsure about what you like, then it’s probably time you get those fingertips moving.

Now, I know looking at hundreds of images can leave you scratching your head. It can be downright overwhelming, however, the more you look at pictures, you will begin to recognise what you are attracted to and I personally believe, you should only look at what you really love!

Now, it’s time to make your love collection! Begin to collect all of those pictures that you fell for and begin to figure out what catches your eye. Is it the colour of the room? Maybe it’s the flooring? Begin making a list of everything you love. It’s okay to like more than one thing, as long as you are narrowing down your choices. This is a sure way to get excited about what you’re doing and now you will have some direction.

For a list of some of the best interior design apps to date, click here. You will find some freebies on this list, others you will have to pay for. These apps can help tremendously.

The 3 Most effective ways to get design inspiration


Colour is another great way to get inspired! It becomes easy when you decide what colours you like. I am not talking about how to select a suitable wall colour, that’s a whole different post. If you are the type of person that already knows the colours you want to work with, then that makes designing a space easier.

It is just like coordinating an outfit, certain colours go well together and other colours simply don’t mix! When using colour as inspiration, the colour helps you to choose finishes and furnishings that complement the space. The colour serves as a guide and if you are good at colour coordination, then this is one method that will work for you. On another note, for this post I was talking about wall colour, however you can be inspired by the colour of a tile, a curtain or any part of the design and create an entire space around that as well. The key is colour coordination.

The 3 Most effective ways to get design inspiration


This source of inspiration is one of the best in my opinion. The design is dictated by the function of the space.

Ask yourself 3 simple questions

What would I like this space to be used for?

Who is this space for?

What would I need to do to make this space function at its best?

These questions prompt you to think about what a space needs and will help you to design the space to suit.

I will give you a brief example, let’s say you have a space that you want to be your living room. So you ask the question, what will this space be predominantly used for? If you are like me, then your living room will be the area where you lounge, watch TV, relax and on occasion, socialise. Immediately, you know that you need an area for the television, you need a comfy seat to watch the TV, if you socialise in your living room, then you also know that you need enough seating where you , your family and guest will be comfortable.

Who is this space for? Unless you plan on entertaining everyday or every week, always remember that the space will be used predominantly by you or your family and those are the needs that take priority. These questions will help you to focus on what is necessary. Once you get the necessities out of the way, then you can begin to look at what can help make the room function even better. Some of these things may not be crucial but they will definitely make the room more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

What would I need to make this space function at its best?

What else do you see yourself doing in that room? Will you eat or drink in that room? Do you like to read in that room? Would you need additional light for reading, like lamps?

All of these questions will guide the design of the room based on how you would like it to function. This is one of my favourite ways to get inspired because it causes you to be thorough and think through the needs of the individual, so you not only love the look but the entire space functions well.

If you are planning a project and you needed a little push to help jump start the process, then try any of these methods. I hope this makes the process more fun and easy for you, you have no more excuses!

Go Get Started!

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