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Over time, designs begin to age and are in need of an update. Renovating The space becomes necessary and can also be used to help with spaces that are not functioning well.


We examine the older model and provide solutions and new ideas to update and improve the usefulness and condition of the building by repairing, adding and altering the existing structure. Renovations also add significant value to any home.

Price: To be determined after consultation

The Process

1) During the initial consultation we will be able to determine what you are looking for based on the information provided

2) We create a 3D render to show a computerised version of the space and how it will look after the renovation.

3) We create a mood board presentation to show the selection of finishes, hardware and furnishings. This demonstrates how all elements will look together.

4) Once all of the plans are in place, then the real work begins! We begin the process of creating the renovation.

5)The renovation is complete and we clean up the space.

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