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The Christmas season is here and as we all know, 'tis the season to shop! Everyone is about to get busy, readying themselves for the Christmas holidays. People traditionally go out of their way to make their homes look fresh and getting new furniture is a large part of that tradition. That’s why I wanted to share a post specifically about it, so that you can go out there and select the best pieces for your home.

Furniture that is too large for the room

So, this season I wanted to share some tips to ease your process when selecting furniture. I really wanted to write this post partly because there are some common errors people make that can be easily avoided. One of the most common errors I have seen when it comes to furniture selection, is the size. I have seen furniture that was way too large for a room, so you literally have no space to walk or you have to climb over a piece of furniture to exit the room. Furniture that is too small is just as bad, the space feels vacuous and lifeless, like an empty dance hall. So we want our furniture to fit just right!

Furniture that is too small for the room

How will I know if it fits just right, you ask? Once you include these foolproof guidelines, you are well on your way!


#1 Have a Plan/Layout

Have a basic furniture plan. You should know where you want the pieces of furniture to go and the purpose of each piece before you select your furniture. You can easily do a rough sketch (nothing fancy needed) to get an idea of where you would like each piece of furniture to go. Don’t go out there and buy it and then cross your fingers and hope it fits into your space, when you bring it home. That can be a huge waste of time and money! If you know you need a new bed, have a place for that bed to go. If you need a new sofa, have a place for that sofa to go. If you need a new dining table, please! Have a place for that table to go. You see my point here, make sure you have a place for your furniture.


#2 Measurements

This is single handedly the most important thing you need to know when it comes to furniture selection. If you do not remember any of the other points, remember this one!

Once you have the plan and the layout settled, it’s time to make sure you have the measurements correct. Most furniture usually comes in standard measurements. You can click on the link to see the standard sizes, however some pieces may vary in size (always check the size). Please see list of standard furniture measurements here.

All you need now is a measuring tape and you can experiment until you figure out what is the best size for your space. When you have to select the furniture in the actual stores,they will be able to provide you with that information. You now have a plan and you know the measurements, the only thing left to do is to make sure that you leave enough room for flow.


#3 Flow

Bedroom in need good traffic flow

Flow, in this instance is the space where you walk between furniture pieces. You should take this measurement into consideration when choosing furniture. For example, you may love the idea of a king size bed in your room but have you considered if your room is large enough for that king size bed? Will you have space to comfortably get in and out of the bed? Will you have room to walk once you get out of the bed? You get the drift, you should be able to easily access a room and the different pieces of furniture in it.

To make sure of this, leave 2-3 feet space for traffic flow, where you can comfortably access all pieces of furniture.

Good flow between furniture pieces


#4 Make sure the furniture is right for you

You have a plan, you know your measurements, you are sure it flows. Now it is down to personal taste, function and cost! Your aim is to select pieces that tick all three boxes.

Function and style go hand in hand. If you like the style, make sure it functions the way you want it to. Whatever piece of furniture you buy , remember it’s an investment, so it may catch your eye but make sure it works and that you can afford it too! If it’s a new bed, make sure it fits your needs. Only you will know whether it’s too soft or too firm. If it’s a new sofa, make sure it is comfortable, after a long day would it help you to relax? These needs are different for every individual.

This goes without saying, you will obviously choose furniture you can afford (I hope), you want the most bang for your buck. So when you go shopping around, make sure the material is good quality. Take into consideration the weather as well, for example, furniture made with faux leather may disintegrate over time in tropical weather. Is the colour of the furniture practical enough, those of you with small children or indoor pets will know it is best to stay away from white furniture. So when selecting your pieces of furniture, make sure it fits your needs.

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