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Latest Kitchen Trends!!!

Kitchen design has changed over the years and has evolved to fit our lifestyles. We are now in the era of open kitchens with multiple purposes but kitchens are still created as a space where people can gather, converse and most importantly, eat!

Kitchens are very much still one of the most important rooms of the home and in this post, I want to share some of the latest design trends to keep you informed and up to date. You will see that there have been changes in cabinetry, appliances, hardware and even how we use kitchen islands.

Check out what's trending and hopefully you see something that piques your interest!

Latest Kitchen Trends!!!


Gone are the days of matching kitchen cabinets (okay, not quite). Although matching all of your cabinets is not out of style, these days people are adding some fun colours to their cabinetry and…. the kitchen cabinets may have two different colours. The colours used tend to compliment each other so your kitchen does not end up looking like a carnival. Using two tones actually breaks up the colour and your kitchen tends to look brighter.

Latest Kitchen Trends!!!


Metal pieces found in the kitchen are usually found in the hardware (handles and knobs), sinks and faucets and lighting. If you are using a brushed nickel finish then you are advised to use that finish throughout your kitchen design. However mixing metals is definitely now trending. Not to say people are going crazy and mix matching their hardware but bold metallic accents are being added to kitchens that don't necessarily go with the existing hardware. It is usually a few standout pieces so that the design is not compromised. It really does add some beautiful focal points to your kitchen, just like the lighting used in the pics.

Latest Kitchen Trends!!!


Kitchens are usually a room that you would like to have as much cabinet storage as possible but these days, people are opting for a more streamlined kitchen. What I mean by this is that the kitchen mainly consists of lower cabinets with some not having any upper cabinets at all or very little. This gives the kitchen a very open and bright look, with more counter space. Alternatively, some folks will have open shelves at the top which create a stunning focal point, providing you keep it tidy.

Latest Kitchen Trends!!!


Remember all white appliances? Do you also remember how stainless steel appliances kicked white appliances to the curb? I will admit, I still like the stainless steel look but these days even appliances have been updated into new, bright, bold, beautiful colours. Adding some pizzazz to your kitchen space.

Latest Kitchen Trends!!!


Although kitchen islands have been around for some time now. They are working harder than ever. In recent years, islands have added additional seating to kitchens, with some of them having sinks and stove tops. Nowadays, islands are used for additional storage, some have wine coolers, dishwashers, cooler troughs, ovens and bookshelves oh my! It's a great way to keep your kitchen space organised while adding additional seating and dining space.

Now my friends, you know some of the new kitchen trends! I hope this post gave you some ideas or better yet, some inspiration. This is one room that updates and upkeep is never a bad investment!

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