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Updated: May 30, 2018

Storage is usually overlooked but always, always needed. Soon enough you collect and buy all sorts of things and have no idea where to put them. Especially if you live in a tight space, then you have to be very clever to create somewhere to store your goods.

We spoke earlier this year about decluttering and storage is necessary to give you that clean space that you want and it helps to keep you organised! So when you are ready to take over the world, this will get you one step closer.



Let’s first look at the walls in your space.

If you utilise your walls right, this is one of the best ways to get some extra storage and it can also look really cool. Like if it was all part of the plan. Any room can be used, you can click here for great shelf ideas.

Let’s take a look at some common areas most people have.


It may sound strange but the wall space you may have over the toilet is usually a place you can use for storage. You can build shelves, hang storage baskets for toiletries or you can even build a cabinet to store away your linens.

If you have a wall by the side of your sink, this can be used as well. This is usually a small area, so it’s a good idea to store small items like, make-up brushes ,q-tips, cotton wool, shaving utensils etc. You just have to find a way to hang them. Click here for some ideas that can help you with that.

Laundry room

Most laundry rooms have walls that are begging to be used. This is one room that you can use as many of the walls as possible without worrying about it spoiling your decor.

This is a great space to organise and hang your handy tools, household cleaners and household tools, like brooms and mops. If you have enough space, you can even hang clothes baskets.



Make your doors work for you! Doors do not only have to be a point of entry or exit from a room, you can use doors for storage too. Who really looks behind doors? Exactly! A storage space that is out of sight. Besides bath towels, you can hang toiletries, household cleaners or whatever suits you there.

If you place a small shelf above the door, you will create another space that is out of the way.

If you haven't gone already, you should try the Sort-Your-Stuff store in Warrens. You will finds loads of things to help with storage.

Click here to find out more about using doors as storage.



If you have any space above your kitchen cabinets, this is a space you can tuck away items you don’t use as often. However, under the cabinets and at the side of the cabinets can also serve as extra storage space.

You can hang coffee mugs and tea cups there, it's a good space for cooking utensils and if your space is large enough, frying pans can be hung too!



This kills two birds with one stone, first, you get your storage, secondly, what you store away, looks good! Ottomans are cute, they hold your feet up, some have trays so that you can use them like tables and now you can store things in them. This is a great buy. The same goes for benches. You can find some of these pieces at Carter's starting at $40.00.

Under the bed is also a good use of space, of course, it means you have to raise your bed a bit. if you don't mind putting your bed on stilts, you will make room for more storage. If you have side tables but you don’t have storage built in, a nice basket under the table also works! It looks as though it was a part of the design.

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