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Updated: May 30, 2018

When you can give with great ease and not feel your pockets being squeezed, that’s amore!

Tis the season of LOVE, a time to show your loved ones how much they are appreciated. Tokens of appreciation do not have to be over the top extravagant gifts. Thought and effort go a looooong way when you are expressing love. If you are looking to do something meaningful and heartfelt, here are some fun ways that you and your loved ones can celebrate this day without breaking the bank.

#1. The Valentine’s Treasure Hunt

This is a fun game,this can be a game for just two or the entire family if you can’t find some alone time. First, get some paper (preferably pink or red but make sure you have two different colours). You can cut them out in the shape of hearts or whatever you choose. Now, because you and your loved one will be involved, both will have to leave separate clues on those pieces of paper and two separate rewards. It’s no fun if one person already knows all of the answers.

Being a treasure hunt, you will leave clues all over the house. You get to choose your clues and prize and your partner will be in charge of their own clues and the final prize which will be for you. Are you with me so far? It’s supposed to be fun, so no need to make it too difficult.

The final prize is also up to you, I just ask that it’s something you and your partner or family will look forward to. So no ‘you get to wash up the dishes or take out the garbage’ kind of prize.

The final reward can be a massage, breakfast in bed or something the both of you may enjoy.

#2. The Love Nest

Turn your bedroom into a love nest. How? You can get balloons, rose petals, candles, even pictures of the both of you. Make the room feel cozy and loved up. After all, I am sure you will get bonus points for the effort.

You can find Valentine's themed helium balloons in the Hallmark stores or Party Occasions in Sheraton Centre for $15.00 a pop or you can also fill them with regular air, which is less expensive but they won't float. You can also find rose petals at Hastings flower Mart and Forever Flowers for $25.00 a bag.

Budget-friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

#3. The Paper Heart

Get some post-its and stick them up in the shape of a heart. Make sure that you write things that you love and appreciate about your partner and you can add in some things that you have to do to your partner or that your partner has to do for you. You can keep this PG rated or you can spice things up to rated R, That again is entirely up to you.

Make sure you leave the heart somewhere that both you and your partner have to pass frequently. Everytime one of you pass that heart, grab a post -it and you have to do what that note says to do, no ifs, ands or buts. That’s the game!

#4. Valentine's Themed Table Setting

Make your Valentine’s day special by having a nice meal together. Create a loved theme table, a simple way to achieve this is to use small covered chocolates and spread them all over the table (one can never go wrong with chocolate). Flower petals can be used here too or some nice affordable candles. You can go all out and get red cutlery and dishes or even napkins and signs. You can be as creative as you want. Just make sure you have a meal to go with it!

Click here for some more table setting ideas.

Budget-friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

#5. Care packages

Fill a gift box or bag with some of your sweetheart's favourite things, it’s still Valentine’s, so chocolates, their favorite snacks, love notes, wine, handcuffs (oops!), are all in play. Just make sure you know it is something they will appreciate.

#6. Take me to our own special movie

Okay, so this is usually for kids but who says adults can't have fun too?This is a really cute idea! It involves building a blanket fort. What is that? It’s simply making a tent out of some sheets or blankets, smack dab in the middle of your living room or where you feel comfortable. Don’t worry, there is a link to show you how easy this is. Once you have created your fort, set up your laptop, tablet or TV and watch a romantic movie together. Again if you have kids, they will absolutely love this idea. Click here for the link!

Time to get loved up!

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