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Updated: May 30, 2018

Hi guys! Welcome to my first blog post! I figured the best place to begin is at the very start of a brand new year. This is a time where everyone still tries to stick to their resolutions, ha! I wanted to focus on getting rid of things that I no longer use or things that are taking up energy that can be spent otherwise. One of the best ways to do that, is to DECLUTTER and throw out the old to make way for the new.

“If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home.” Chinese proverb.

This old Chinese proverb helps me to shake things up whenever I feel stuck or overwhelmed and I refuse to begin my year with any of those negative feelings. So 2018 has arrived and my heart is still beating, I still have air in my lungs and I have decided to make the year go exactly how I want it to go. So when people ask me, how my year will be, my answer is easy. It's going be LEGENDARY!


I want my 2018 to bring new beginnings and new interesting positive people, new ideas, new projects, new adventures, new challenges, new stuff and loads of new fun. If you have ever decluttered, you know how therapeutic it is. Your home feels light and airy, that’s the feeling I am going for. So, in sticking to the old wise proverb, I've decided to list 27 things that I am sure we have all collected over the years and If I have not used them in the past year, out they go! I challenge you to join me and I hope that this stirs up some new energy for you and makes your 2018 an awesome year.


  1. Old costume jewellery

  2. Old and unused clothes

  3. Old swimwear and underwear

  4. Old Make-up

  5. Dried nail polish

  6. Cds and dvds

  7. Old towels

  8. Old toothbrushes and toiletries

  9. Old or unused shoes and socks

  10. Newspapers and magazines

  11. Outdated electronics

  12. Toys

  13. Expired medication and vitamins

  14. Expired food and sauces

  15. Bags and purses

  16. Receipts, mail and old paperwork

  17. Cracked and peeling belts

  18. Excess coffee mugs

  19. Old pillows

  20. Worn out sheets and bedding

  21. Books

  22. Old email

  23. Junk mail

  24. Delete bad pictures, duplicates and screenshots

  25. Delete old text and contacts

  26. Delete apps you don’t use

  27. Unsubscribe to store emails that you never shop at

Please remember that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy and that begins with you and the way you love and treat yourself. Do not underestimate the effects of declutterring. Let's make this year a great one!

For more information about the effects of clutter click here.

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